Fixed Penalty Notice Receipts

The CLA recently responded to Defra’s Consultation on amendments to the use of fixed penalty receipts for litter, fly-tipping and breach of household waste duty of care.

The Government believes that taking proportionate and effective enforcement action against people who intentionally or carelessly damage their local environment is a practical step authorities can take to change behaviour and deter others from offending. In the recent Anti-social Behaviour Action Plan, the Government wanted to see councils take a much tougher approach to litter and fly-tipping and that Defra take steps to facilitate this.

Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) have been raised to the upper limits for these offences this year, allowing local authorities greater freedom to set the rates that offenders should pay. The plan also said that revenue from these fines should be reinvested locally in clean up and enforcement – meaning perpetrators pay for local councils to continue toughening their approach in future years. The CLA supports this approach, and in addition, would also like to see the revenue used for cleaning up fly-tipping on privately owned land.

Key contact:

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Jane Harrison Rural Adviser, CLA North

Fixed Penalty Notice Receipts

Read the CLA’s consultation response here.
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