The CLA's Vision for Water to 2030

A policy paper setting out the CLA's new water strategy to 2030

The CLA is involved in many aspects of water policy in support of our members. Water has been under increasing scrutiny over the years, beginning with the EU Water Framework Directive introduced in 2000. The concept of "clean and plentiful water" is now at the heart of the public money for public goods agenda. With climate change and population growth placing increasing pressure on our water environment, agriculture and land use have a big part of play in ensuring resilience of supplies in dry weather, protecting water quality, and in helping to manage increasingly unpredictable rainfall and flooding risk.

New regulations and policies, particularly the Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme in England and the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) in Wales, will drive environmental improvements and business resilience, and must support farmers and landowners in meeting the challenges ahead.

This report outlines the priority actions CLA recommends in order to help landowners and land managers deliver a healthy water environment.

CLA Vision for Water 2030

What should the water environment look like in ten, twenty, thirty years? A healthy water environment is valuable natural capital across England and Wales. Read the full CLA policy report outlining a detailed strategy for water over the coming decades.
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