A Vision of Water to 2030

The CLA has published a new policy report A CLA Water Strategy: a vision for the water environment to 2030. In this free webinar you will hear CLA's vision for the water environment for 2030 and the actions land managers can take on the ground to improve resilience and protect the water environment

In this CLA webinar we are joined by CLA Climate Change and Water Lead Alice Ritchie, Advisor at Anglian Water Kelly Hewson-Fisher, and Sophie Trémolet, Europe Freshwater Lead for The Nature Conservancy, who cover: 

  • the important role land managers play in protecting the water environment;
  • how we can tackle the impacts of climate change, ensuring water is available for farmers and land managers in times of dry weather and drought; and 
  • how collaboration across sectors will help ensure there is water available for all, healthy rivers and aquifers, and resilience to flood and drought.