The UK’s first people-led plan for nature

The People’s Plan for Nature publishes its recommendations to help protect and restore nature in the UK
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Made up of 100+ representatives from across the UK, the People’s Plan for Nature provides a range of practical suggestions for governments, businesses, charities and individuals to work together in reversing the decline of nature. It is the first UK-wide citizens’ assembly of its kind.

The launch coincides with the Wild Isles documentary series that is currently running on the BBC, and comes after several months of deliberation with input from industry experts and members of the public. Today, the plan offers its first recommendations for protecting and restoring the natural environment. Some areas of focus include:

  • Local access to nature.
  • Nature-friendly farming.
  • Regulation and implementation.

CLA Director General Sarah Hendry was invited to be one of 18 members of the expert advisory group to help design the assembly. Put together by the National Trust, RSPB and WWF, the assembly was also guided by 30,000 contributions from the general public to help inform its recommendations.

Sarah Hendry says:

“In the recent Wild Isles documentary series, I’m reminded of the beauty and value of our natural surroundings.

“It was, therefore, a privilege for me to be invited to play a small part in the People’s Plan for Nature. I was able to draw on my experience working with CLA members across England and Wales.

“For me, it also shines a light on how important the CLA’s lobbying work is. Recommendations in the People’s Plan for Nature highlight the need for local access to nature for all, something that should be facilitated by Environmental Land Management (ELM) schemes in England.

“In Wales, the progress of the Agriculture (Wales) Bill which contains proposals for the Sustainable Farming Scheme has the potential to help encourage nature-friendly farming, which is another recommendation in the latest People’s Plan.”

The People’s Plan for Nature