The transition to net zero: What are the opportunities for farmers?

We are delighted to start season 3 of CLA's podcast off with an episode on what climate change means for farmers in the UK

The UK hosted the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow on 31 October - 13 November 2021, which brought parties together to reach a global agreement on how to tackle climate change. With climate change an increasingly urgent priority on the global political agenda, what does this mean for farmers in the UK?

Alice Green, CLA Land Use Policy Adviser, shares with us the opportunities there are for the sector to take action on climate change, how the farming industry should be responding to the Global Methane Pledge and gives advice to farmers who are starting to think about what net zero will mean for them.

You will also hear from Jon Foot, Head of Environment & Resource Management at AHDB, who will discuss how to cut through the complexities around carbon sequestration and accounting and offer practical advice on how to develop an action plan. In addition, he will be covering the potential to build soil carbon through farm management, and what AHDB is doing to help farmers to transition to net zero.