The importance of your business’s social value: volunteering, employment and qualifications

Coinciding with the release of the CLA member social value survey, we discuss how data from the volunteering opportunities you provide benefits your local community and rural economy as a whole
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The final section of the CLA social value survey looks at the benefits of providing volunteering opportunities, supporting people in gaining qualifications, and employment opportunities.

Examples of the activities your business supports might be employing social disadvantaged groups or providing opportunities for students of all ages. This includes those excluded from school to gain vocational qualifications or learn skills, and it could also include supporting apprenticeships.

For each activity, in the social value survey, please estimate the number of people who benefit from this and the time you or your employees input each year.

All responses will be aggregated, and the total economic and social benefits will be estimated, but all are worthwhile figures to consider when calculating the social value of your rural business.

If you have any questions about completing the survey or the project in general, please contact Bethany Turner on 020 7460 7978 or

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