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Unique hideaways is an independent, family run marketing agency for bespoke glamping accommodation
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Our ever-growing collection is made up of one-of-a-kind places to stay in hidden corners across the UK. Each hideaway has a story to tell. From magnificent cliff top cabins, to bespoke quirky structures tucked away in the countryside, if it takes those on a journey to a place unknown to most, you can guarantee it’s got our name on it.

We work with each owner to learn every detail about their hideaway, from the initial idea through to the finished piece. And for those who are looking for help from the very beginning, we are on hand to advise you every step of the way. It’s all part of our unbeatable field to finish service.

Our hideaways are placed in unforgettable locations throughout the UK and our hideaway team are on the ground in every county we cover, so we can always provide onsite advice and support throughout your first year and every year after that. Our aim? To take the stress away.

If you aren’t sure where to start but have a plot of land you feel could be transformed into the perfect paradise for a unique staycation, we can help make your wildest dreams become a reality. We offer free consultancy and are happy to visit your site to explore your ideas with you. We can advise on everything, from the type of structure to planning consultants, statutory duties to interior design. Like we said our hideaway experts are here to make those difficult decisions a lot easier.

And once your hideaway is ready to welcome your first guests, we look to create engaging campaigns and beautiful content through our wide range of marketing channels to give your accommodation the exposure it deserves. Our bespoke Owners’ site lets you stay in charge of your finances, with live bookings, availability and feedback all at the click of a button.

Our high standards demonstrate the respect we have for your hard work and our commitment to provide a consistently unbeatable experience for our guests. Subtle luxury is what we love. We want our guests to feel truly immersed into nature’s paradise, while also enjoying a little bit of indulgence throughout every season.

Your creativity and individuality are what makes a stay at your retreat a truly magical experience. We want to share your story with our guests who are seeking places to stay that are a little out of the ordinary.

Visit our website and delve a little deeper into our world of unique places to stay. And please do get in touch if you have your own hideaway, a plot of land or even a vision you would like to explore.

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