Sponsored: The Pizza Oven Plus

Boutique Camping reveals more about its Pizza Oven Plus, an exclusive wood burning stove
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This is the Pizza Oven Plus, an exclusive wood burning stove created by Boutique Camping; one of the UK's leading innovators in creating great glamping gear for the world's most coveted glamping and outdoor businesses.

Turning heads on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, you could be the next buck-saving bidder to ignite the flame of this exclusively-designed stove's success - taking your land, farm or site from basic to boutique.

Fuelled by wood, and effortlessly reaching heats of 400°c in minutes, this five-in-one cooking appliance is no fuss, and easily provides flamboyant feasts.

With several pizza-perfecting integrations working at once to create moorish-margarita-magic, it’s time your catering and heating solutions aligned with the uniqueness the rest of your business naturally exudes.

With help of the fitted cordierite baking stone, delicious pizza is ready in just three to four minutes, and the baking stone provides an even consistency with each and every bake.

It goes deeper than delicious wood fired pizza, you can fry, boil, grill, bake, and fire roast. The possibilities are endless and the ability to view as you cook means you will never miss a minute, nor lose heat by consistently opening the doors when checking in.

With ergonomic easy-lift side-grills and resilient fold-out legs, the Pizza Oven Plus is as convenient as it is compatible, making it the ultimate camping companion to fulfil the glamping goals of your guests. The impressive 9.4kw heat output will generously supply those nights under stars with comforting waves of subtle light and nostalgic warmth.

The slick, slender, stainless-steel exterior contains a conjunction of savvy mechanisms guaranteed to give you the desire to start that fire. Providing equipment that will create stand out camp-outs and fulfil glamping goals is our forte, but why should camping be associated with summer, and come to a halt in the colder months? On your farm, land or inside a tent, the Pizza Oven Plus can be installed safely and stylishly into a Boutique Camping fire-retardant tent - allowing you to camp and cook simultaneously.

Bid on Kickstarter now to claim your exclusively discounted Pizza Oven Stove Plus.