Sponsored: Refurbished phones are the future our planet needs

6.378 billion people in the world have a smartphone, that’s 80.63% of the world’s population. Can you imagine the resources used and the waste created if all 6.378 billion people got a new smartphone every two years?
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E waste (Electronic waste) is any waste material with a power source. These aren’t just phones, they are laptops, tablets, fridges, televisions, radios. If they’re not recycled or disposed of properly, they become very harmful to people and the planet.

In 2019 alone, 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste was produced. That’s more tonnes of e-waste than the entire population of Kenya (53 million) and an increase of almost 2 million tonnes from 2018.

This e-waste is harmful to people, animals and the planet and the constant production of e-waste is depleting our reserve of mercury. An estimated 50 tonnes of mercury are lost annually so it’s really important that we turn to refurbished phones and stop this cycle, preserving the world’s resources and preventing the loss of valuable metals.

Refurbished phones doesn’t mean second hand or second choice, Your Co-op Business Solutions provide Grade A ‘as new’ refurbished phones with a 12 month warranty as standard.

The grade system for refurbished phones typically follows the below:

  • Grade A (sometimes called ‘Pristine’ or ‘Like New’) – appears new or has only very minor signs of handling or wear. We only include handsets with this grading in our Cheap Mobile Finder tool.
  • Grade B (sometimes called ‘Very Good’) – may have scratches, chips or other forms of light cosmetic damage.
  • Grade C (sometimes called ‘Good’) – will show signs of wear; expect the product to look used.

All refurbished phones supplied through Your Co-op Business Solutions are “Grade A” quality handsets, meaning they are free from scratches or dents. They are factory restored, too – meaning that they arrive with a completely fresh OS, and any previous information erased. When you upgrade with Your Co-op, you can rest assured that you’ll receive an exactingly refurbished device that’s practically indistinguishable from a brand-new phone.

Get refurbished phones for your business

The most sustainable phone you can own is the one already in your pocket, but if you need to upgrade then Your Co-op Business Solutions have the answer.

You can speak to an expert in sustainable connectivity and they can find the best phone or bundle to suit your businesses needs.