Sponsored: Introducing a no-frills steadfast eco-friendly workhorse

MW Motors explains why the MWM Spartan EV is the ultimate off-roading vehicle
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MWM Spartan EV

MWM Spartan EV, is a simple, rugged functional partner that is an eco-friendly 4x4. A SUV that has military heritage, tested even in the most demanding of conditions and very much a utilitarian.

The Spartan EV is a pragmatic solution for when 4-wheel drive vehicles are required to access remote sites that can only be reached by traversing demanding terrain. A vehicle that is actively working towards achieving net zero, dramatically reducing noise pollution and promoting natural conservation. Whether hauling across extensive acreage with equipment, farm goods or carting livestock, tackling arduous conditions of woodlands, forests or quarries, traversing to enjoy the tranquillity of the rural landscape, the versatility of the Spartan EV is a testament to its hardiness.

Key features

  • 100% electric = Zero emissions = Zero VED
  • 120kW motor with 600Nm torque
  • 63kWh battery pack
  • CCS fast charging capability
  • Equipped with energy recovery system for more efficiency
  • Encompassing a rigid ladder-style chassis construction
  • Selectable 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive
  • Five doors with five seats
  • Full opening rear tailgate
  • Minimalistic and purposeful spacious interior
  • Towing capacity of up to 2.5t
  • Low maintenance

A different proposition

The high-stresses associated with off-roading is unnoticeable in the Spartan EV, with maximum torque available from zero revolutions and smooth power delivery; it can effectively navigate challenging conditions without hesitation.

Now, without doubt, all-terrain vehicles have made a huge contribution in making everyday tasks simpler, becoming the transport of choice for many farmers, gamekeepers, hunt staff and landowners. However, their use doesn’t come without consequences and the Spartan EV is a logical solution to this. It’s a vast contrast to the disruption caused by ATVs with their noise and lingering exhaust fumes, ever so quiet, it’s presence having minimal impact on the wildlife and the natural environment. It’s safe and offers protection from the elements and far less cumbersome than an ATV with a trailer attached.

The Spartan EV’s unpretentious nature and uncompromising off-road performance is exactly why it’s considered a vital tool for those working within the land-based sector. It’s simplicity, ease of use and the multitude of applications it can be adapted to, only enhances its qualities. It is quite notably a different proposition to the conventional choices but at an affordable price.

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