Sponsored: Diversify your land and earn a fixed income with solar energy

Obton is looking for partners landowners and farmers partners to develop clean energy projects
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There’s a fruitful opportunity waiting for landowners and farmers who are looking to utilise or diversify a portion of their land. It also comes with the added benefit of securing a long-term fixed income and contributing to the UK’s climate fight through supplying clean energy.

Solar energy developer Obton is looking to work with landowners across the UK who have over 50 acres to develop solar farms. These solar farms will create sustainable and clean energy for approximately 40 to 50 years, meaning lease agreements can span several decades. This financial security allows landowners and farmers to implement strategies which future-proof their land. Obton is currently particularly interested in engaging with landowners in the areas around Legacy and Oswestry in Wales, Wem to Shrewsbury in England, and the Angus area in Scotland.

Across Britain, farmers are swapping the often complex and labour-intensive land maintenance work to instead enable the production of clean and sustainable energy. With the help of Obton, they can now reassess the nature of their farm and business, while securing a long-term fixed income regardless of changes to weather, taxes and tariffs. For some, it means understanding the future direction of their farm and future-proofing their business, for others it means securing a retirement plan for the years to come.

“Hearing the landowners voice and ensuring their needs are met is a priority for Obton,” Gerry Shannon, Chairman of Obton, UK and Ireland, said. “The contract for each project is unique and tailored to the landowner’s specific requirements. Whether a farmer wants to retain certain portions of their leased land to be used for livestock grazing, or if it is site which isn’t typically attractive for other purposes, our experts can make it work for everyone.”

If you are a landowner in an area around Legacy and Oswestry in Wales, Wem to Shrewsbury in England, and the Angus area in Scotland, or know someone that wants to diversify their land, contact the Obton team through the link below.