Sponsored: Diversify your farm income with renewable energy

BSR Energy sets out potential renewable energy production opportunities in the UK
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At BSR Energy, we are embarking on the next chapter of the company’s journey to maximise renewable energy production in the UK. We have built dozens of solar and battery projects over the last decade and are now looking forward to forming new long-term partnerships with landowners who want to diversify their farming income. Innovative technologies are appearing which will open more landowners to the possibility of a wind farm, solar park or battery facility where previously thought not possible.

The UK’s energy system is undergoing a radical transformation, away from unsustainable fossil fuel imports towards a more secure and clean future. Recent global events have proven how the reliance on imports puts our energy security under immense pressure, resulting in unthinkable energy bill costs for the consumers at home. The UK Government is determined to remove this dependency, and encourage the installation of a clean, secure and cheap energy network. BSR has accepted this challenge to be part of a growing new industry, contributing over 700 megawatts of solar power in the last decade to the thousands of newly created renewable energy systems. In 2012, National Grid consisted of only 4.1% renewable energy, but this increased in 2022 to approximately 37.5%. This increase has led to the removal of coal and reduction in gas generator usage. A significant achievement in the pursuit of net zero by 2050.

But there is still more work to do. To reach net zero, we will need to treble onshore wind turbines, quadruple solar farms and support these generators with adequate storage capacity to provide a stable supply to National Grid. In addition, the development of new technologies to work together with onshore renewables such as hydrogen, agrivoltaics and long duration batteries will be necessary to decarbonise other industries such as food, transport, and industrial manufacturing. BSR is searching for new sites which can incorporate these technologies, supplying added benefits to the landowner.

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BSR has a long-standing reputation for being one of the UK’s leading developers. With more than 100 employees, we have an exceptional breadth of knowledge and experience within the sector to develop onshore renewable energy. Our continued success in the UK market can be attributed to our in-house abilities to develop, build, operate and asset manage or own projects. Because of this, our installations are designed and maintained at the highest level, providing reassurance to our landowners that we are committed to successful long-term partnerships.

The last 15 years have given the company invaluable experience in navigating local planning authorities and district network operators. We can give landowners the best possible chance of success in overcoming the inevitable challenges of the UK permit systems. In addition, we are enthusiastic about our responsibilities to protect wildlife and enhance our sites with substantial biodiversity and natural habitat gains. Through careful design with our ecology consultants and supporting academic research into optimising environmental management methods, we are providing flagship projects which will also help to tackle the biodiversity crisis.

If you are interested in a renewable energy scheme, please do contact our site acquisition team to discuss further. BSR Energy can supply a desktop study on the feasibility of hosting a renewable energy development on your land. Call us on 01458 224 900 to speak to our site acquisition team.