Sponsored: CO2 Extraction - unlocking new revenue streams for landowners

CO2 Extraction (CO2E) works with farmers, growers and landowners to enable them to extract high-value compounds from their harvested crops. By identifying the key chemical compounds and ensuring the quality and optimisation of the yield, CO2E enables the client to sell the product at a higher premium.

CO2E can also help landowners looking for diversification options. We consult with the client, review the land available and present options to them using our expanding database of extractable compounds from a variety of feedstocks. These can involve boutique, high-value crops for the burgeoning cosmeceutical and nutraceutical markets. For these high-value sectors an optimal extraction process is essential and CO2 SCFE will meet the required standard.

Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) has long been regarded as the optimum extraction technique available. Alternative extraction systems such as steam distillation or cold pressing are considered wasteful and time consuming. Other techniques involving refrigerant gases, or butane and hexane come with safety concerns, are limited in scope, or even banned owing to environmental concerns.

Our Lancaster operation is unusual for the sector as it is the only facility in the country which contains both commercial and pilot scale extraction machinery, making it the ideal partner for those in the rural economy. The pilot plant of 2.5 litres is the centre of the research and development division and what proposed projects will initially be tested on, while the commercial plant has a capacity of 160 litres. CO2E has recently upgraded its facility to incorporate fully equipped chemical laboratory facilities, to support both the research and commercial departments. We work in partnership with Lancaster University, which further increases the intellectual and technical capacity of the company.

We are happy to invite any interested parties to contact us with their specific ideas, needs or propositions by email mail@co2extraction.co.uk. We can help to prove concept so that the client is not exposed to unnecessary risk, prior to full assessment of the viability of the project. R&D and commercial extraction can all be carried out in-house, thus ensuring maximum discretion and efficiency.

Our aim is to be the leading company in our field in the UK. We have a number of exciting projects coming up, details of which we wish to share with you, so watch this space.

For more information

Email mail@co2extraction.co.uk or call 01524 849010.