Sponsored: All-seasons versatility with the Kubota RTV-X series

The RTV-X utility vehicles are extremely versatile and capable machines for shoot management, with the ability to turn their hand to a huge range of tasks throughout the seasons.
Kubota RTV-X series

At the heart of a traditional Cotswold sporting estate, the Kubota RTV-X is the main workhorse. Brimpsfield Park offers shooting over 2000 acres of undulating pasture, parkland and forestry which is managed alongside 100 acres of arable land by Archie Larthe and his family.

The estate’s two Kubota RTV-X utility vehicles are kept busy all year round performing tasks as varied as feeding, moving equipment, towing a Logic spinner or transporting beaters on shoot days.

“We work them hard, so we take advantage of Kubota’s warranty and aim to replace them every two years. Not only do we have some steep land, but the estate is Cotswold brash with a few inches of soil over it, which is tough on machines. The RTVs have to be able to go 365 days a year, so reliability is extremely important”.

Kubota’s RTV-X utility vehicles are built to excel in these challenging conditions, with a powerful combination of a reliable, high-torque Kubota 22hp diesel engine with strong 2-range Variable Hydraulic Transmission (VHT-X) that’s crucial when tackling hilly terrain while loaded with passengers and equipment.

Mr Larthe comments that customer service has been "exceptional" from his local Kubota dealer Lister Wilder - from special specification requests to regular servicing and has also experienced reduced running costs with diesel power compared to petrol quads used previously.

We work them hard, so we take advantage of Kubota’s warranty

Archie Larthe

Tough, dependable and capable

Kubota’s RTV-X line-up includes the powerful RTV-X1110 and versatile RTV-X1140 four-seater that converts easily to two seats for extra load capacity. Both feature Kubota’s robust hydrostatic transmission, selectable 4WD, independent suspension and dynamic braking. The RTV-X can carry a 500kg payload and they have 590kg and 1,000kg towing capacities respectively.

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Generous warranty

A two-year warranty is offered as standard, but this can be extended to five years based on the hours you work with Kubota’s innovative warranty, Kubota Care. It’s also transferable if the machine is sold, which adds to its resale value.