Nutrient Neutrality: What is the impact on development?

This podcast episode covers the issue of nutrient neutrality, which affects protected nature conservation sites that are at risk of pollution by nitrates or phosphates.

Where Natural England or Natural Resources Wales identify a protected waterbody as being at risk from nutrient pollution, they will require any development which creates overnight accommodation in the same catchment to demonstrate nutrient neutrality, either by installing on-site mitigation measures or by off-setting through nutrient credits.

What will you hear?

Fenella Collins, CLA Head of Planning, explains the types of developments that are affected by nutrient neutrality regulations, why this issue has now come to the fore, and practical steps to take when considering a development in an affected catchment.

Kate Russell, Chief Operating Officer at Tellus Natural Capital, talks us through the areas with most protected catchments, the difference between managing nitrates and phosphates, and the opportunity for landowners to consider off-site mitigation.