Newly-formed alliance hosts Countryside COP

A coalition of rural and agri-food organisations unite for a week-long Countryside COP event

The CLA has joined the newly-formed Agriculture & Land Use Alliance (ALA), which comprises a coalition of organisations and individuals from the UK agricultural industry, to inspire net zero activity.

The ALA will host its first Countryside COP event from 11-15th October 2021. This week-long event will bring together different people, organisations, science, and knowledge, to demonstrate all that the industry has accomplished so far. Such discussions will improve future contributions from agriculture and land use to help achieve a net zero economy.

The Alliance says: “All of us have a part to play on the road to net zero, and we are stronger when working together. The Countryside COP is an opportunity for everyone with an interest in the countryside and rural economy to come together and to speak out about the real and tangible outcomes of our journey to net zero.

The journey to net zero is complex but there is no shortage of professionalism and knowledge within the rural community, and all who support food and farming

"This is the time to utilise and invest in this expertise so we can help contribute to the government’s net zero target, all while continuing to produce fantastic, affordable food for people at home and abroad.

“This is a chance to really showcase the important role of UK agriculture and climate-friendly food production in reaching our national net zero ambitions, and how we can all contribute to a positive future for our planet.”

ALA commits to maintaining the collaborations made following the Countryside COP, to ensure the knowledge and confidence that has been created is actioned effectively.

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