New entrants: How to thrive in the agricultural industry

In this podcast we consider the opportunities for new entrants within farming businesses. With major changes in agricultural policy, in particular the phasing out of the Basic Payment Scheme, it is expected that there will be some restructuring within farming businesses and the industry as a whole.

Andrew Shirley, CLA Chief Surveyor, and Eirwen Williams, Director at Menter a Busnes, discuss what it is to be a new entrant, what the Government should do to encourage them, and the practical, business and soft skills required to thrive in the agricultural industry. 

Estate Director John Varley at Clinton Devon Estates shares with us the importance of creating a support system around land managers and farmers that joins up mentoring and education. 

We are also joined by Sarah Palmer, AGRI Manager at NFYFC, who explains the importance of having a good robust business plan and, for new entrants, the value of taking advice from professionals where necessary.