Nature Recovery Network

In this CLA webinar you will learn all about the Nature Recovery Network (NRN), which is a major commitment in the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan.

In this webinar chaired by Judicaelle Hammond, CLA Director of Policy and Advice, we discussed: 

  • the ambition and objectives for the NRN;
  • how Local Nature Recovery Strategies will help spatial planning and target delivery for the NRN;
  • the different funding streams that are coming online that could support the implementation of the NRN;
  • the CLA’s principles for making sure that farmers’ and land managers’ voices are heard in the design of the NRN; and
  • examples from those already contributing to the recovery of nature in collaboration with others. 

Our guest speakers included: 

  • Julian Harlow, Head of Local Delivery, Defra
  • Aidan Lonergan, Principal Adviser, Natural England
  • James Grischeff, Principal Adviser for NRN Delivery, Natural England