Land manager collaboration for environmental delivery

In this CLA webinar you will hear all about the different ways land managers can work together to engage with environmental markets and the range of formal collaboration agreements to consider

The emergence of private sector environmental markets and payments for public goods has provided new income opportunities for land use and management change that can only be delivered through collaboration between those owning or managing land. 

Formal collaboration allows farm businesses of all sizes to access these markets and provides an easier way for buyers to find appropriate land. Farmers and land managers are already working together to look at formal collaboration agreements to access the ELM Landscape Recovery scheme, and to create opportunities for Biodiversity Net Gain.

In this webinar chaired by CLA President Mark Tufnell you will hear from:

  • Susan Twining, CLA Chief Land Use Policy Adviser
  • Edward Robinson, Charles Russell Speechlys Legal Director, Corporate Law
  • Tristram van Lawick, Charles Russell Speechlys Consultant, Private Property Law