Introducing the new CLA Natural Capital Directory

CLA Senior Land Use Policy Adviser Harry Greenfield introduces the CLA Natural Capital Directory- a first-of-its-kind service

Over the last couple of years, the CLA has stepped up its work on natural capital and environmental markets. There is are significant business opportunities for land managers who can help deliver the net zero and wider environmental agenda. To help our members capitalise on these opportunities, the CLA has been analysing the state of these new markets; writing guidance for members and lobbying the government to ensure they play their part.

Despite a lot of momentum behind these developments it is not always clear what this means for farmers and land managers on the ground. In recent months there is a simple question I am consistently being asked by CLA members: “What can I do now to prepare for this future world?”

There are many answers to this, and using CLA guidance and advice is a good place to start. We have guidance notes for members on natural capital, environmental and carbon markets available. As part of our on-going support to members, today we launch a new service to members that will help them further – the CLA Natural Capital Directory.

CLA Natural Capital Directory

The first service of its kind, the directory provides a list of companies and organisations offering a range of natural capital services to landowners and land managers.

This ranges from carbon audits and natural capital assessments to specialist advice and brokering agreements between landowners and those willing to pay for environmental services. You can search the directory according to the type of service you are looking for or by the type of land use, such as forestry, peatland restoration or agriculture.

Whether you have an idea and need help to bring it to fruition or you would like to know more about the potential of your land to deliver environmental goods or services through a natural capital assessment, the CLA Natural Capital Directory can help signpost you towards the right organisation to take the next step.

We are aiming to grow and improve the directory in the coming months to ensure it is a useful resource for members. With this in mind, we welcome any feedback on the presentation and usability of the service.

CLA professional members who wish to be listed on the Natural Capital Directory, please click here to join the CLA Natural Capital Directory visit and email Caroline King to submit your details.

Please note that an entry into the directory does not constitute a recommendation from CLA, and we strongly recommend that members exercise caution and take expert advice, particularly for legal, tax and planning before entering land into any agreement to deliver environmental objectives.

CLA Natural Capital Directory