Impact of drought: Water management and dry weather

In this CLA podcast we discuss the impact of the drought this year and the importance of water management going into 2023.

Last summer was the joint warmest for England and was notable for the extreme heat of 18-19 July where temperatures reached in excess of 40C for the first time, breaking the previous all-time temperature record. With pressures on water resources from climate change and a growing population, matching water supply and demand is increasingly challenging and represents a real risk to society and the environment. 

What will you hear?

Alice Green, Policy Adviser on Climate and Water, explains the impacts we have seen from the dry summer, the wider pressures on water resources, and what the Government can do to support the sector.

Steve Moncaster, BAWAG Membership and Technical Advisor, discusses the outlook for farm businesses to 2023 if dry weather continues over this winter, how abstraction licencing reform will influence the situation, and how we could have better planned for the drought.

We are also joined by Anthony Seaman, arable farmer in North Norfolk, who shares with us how the drought has affected his farm, the steps he is taking in response to the drought, and how farmers can build water resilience against hot weather.