Grants under the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP)

CLA Senior Business Economics Adviser Charles Trotman provides detail on the grants available in line with changes to electricity generator regulations

As we highlighted in a recent edition of e-news, the government is introducing a series of changes to electricity generators with an output between 11kW and 50MW, and which were installed before February 2018. Those with generators that meet these categories are responsible for ensuring that the protection settings are compliant with mandatory regulations. The deadline for compliance is 1 September 2022. This is so that all generators are compliant with Engineering Recommendation G59/3-7. Making these changes through the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP) will enable National Grid to operate the electricity network more efficiently, reduce balancing costs and provide savings to electricity customers.

To help landowners make the necessary adjustments, ALoMCP provides funding to allow landowners to make the necessary system updates.

Landowners are likely to be eligible to upgrade their set up if they have a non-domestic distributed generator that was connected before 1 February 2018 or before 1 July 2018 for inverter-based generation.

If the equipment is already compliant, landowners need to inform the programme by submitting a declaration through the ALoMCP portal (Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme ( Although compliance declarations can be submitted without first registering, it is advised that landowners should register as this will make it easier for anyone who is likely to submit several declarations. To register, go to: Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (

In order to check to see whether changes are needed to generating equipment, there is a self-serve tool (Electricity generation upgrade funding ( that sets out the steps that need to be taken in order to upgrade and can help with making a funding application.

For example, if a landowner has a small solar PV generator, with an output of less than 50kW, it is unlikely that changes will need to be made to the generation equipment. However, the generator will still need to be checked that it complies with the legal requirements by contacting the installer or checking via the ALoCMP portal’s knowledge base. This is especially important if the setup includes a relay.

In this example, there are a series of steps that should be taken:

  • Step 1: Identify the inverter(s) and relay(s) on the generator and check for compliance. When installed, the equipment should have been tested and the test certificate, which the installer will have left, may indicate the loss of mains type.
  • Step 2: Set up an account and start a funding application through the ALoCMP portal (Your Next Steps (
  • Step 3: Get a quote from a contractor to update the equipment (if needed) or contact the distribution network operator (DNO) for advice on: (Tel) 0800 3163105
  • Step 4: Submit the compliance status through the ALoCMP portal

There is no grant cap to the grants available. However, the timescales for the availability of grants are short and we understand that there will be two more application windows in February and April/May before a final application deadline of 10 May 2022. In addition, the amount available for each site’s changes will reduce for those sites completing updates after 24 March 2022.

And remember: if a member needs to update their generation equipment, the ALoMCP will only offer payments to generator owners who apply before 11 May 2022 and complete the changes before 31 August 2022 so it is important to start a funding application as soon as possible.

Key contact:

Charles Trotman
Charles Trotman Senior Economics and Rural Business Adviser, London