Following the Countryside Code

Importance of Countryside Code reiterated as more people visit rural areas

With more people visiting the countryside, the CLA has reiterated the importance of following the Countryside Code.

This comes after reports on social media of country lanes being blocked and crops being trampled on over the festive break.

Recovering lost footpaths

Additionally, walking charity The Ramblers is continuing its attempts to recover 49,000 miles of lost footpaths across England and Wales by 2026, as part of its Don’t Lose Your Way campaign.

CLA President Mark Bridgeman said:

“The countryside is a welcoming place which has invaluable benefits for people’s mental and physical wellbeing, especially during the current pandemic.”

“There are already over 140,000 miles of public rights of way and 2.5 million acres of open access land in England and Wales for people to enjoy - and we want everyone to be able to make the most of these while staying safe. The danger in trying to recover ‘lost paths’ is not only the significant impact on already strained local authorities in terms of resources, but on our already-threatened wildlife and fragile ecosystems which need protecting.” 

The CLA urges those visiting rural areas to do so responsibly and follow the Countryside Code