Farming in the Media: Bridging the gap between rural and urban

In this podcast we explore how farming is represented in the media and its consequences

With the UK’s growing interest in sustainability and the exit from the Common Agricultural Policy there has been an increase of representation of farming in mainstream media. At the same time the younger generation of farmers is increasingly using social media's power to facilitate discussion and share what it is like to work in agriculture. Are these conversations bridging the gap between rural and urban communities?

What will you hear?

Jonathan Roberts, CLA Director of External Affairs, discusses the opportunities that an increase in public interest in farming and land use provides the farming community with; the impacts of high-profile public figures, such as Ed Sheeran, working towards environmental goals; and the importance of farmers engaging within their local communities.

We are also joined by Chief Reporter at the Farmers Guardian Abi Kay who shares with us the importance of combining entertainment and education on farming programmes, such as Clarkson's Farm, to drive positive engagement with a broader audience, and the impact of social media within the farming industry.