Energy Crisis: what are the effects on rural businesses

To start season four of CLA's podcast series we share with you an episode on the current energy crisis and the effects on rural businesses

The energy crisis has its foundations in the move to decarbonize the UK and global economies, which involve United Nations COP26 net zero targets. These goals - combined with the move away from coal-fired power stations to gas power stations, global sanctions on Russia, and Europe’s reliance on Russian gas - has led to the highest energy prices the UK has ever seen with forward curve prices showing increases until 2025.

What will you hear?

Charles Trotman, CLA Senior Economics and Rural Business Adviser, explains his forecast for the next 12 months, the potential knock-on effects, the rise of fertiliser prices and whether the Government is doing enough to support rural businesses, and thoughts on green hydrogen as fuel for the future.

Peter McLeod, Director of Sales and Marketing at CLA Energy Services, explains the factors that have caused the cost of living crisis, what CLA Energy Services has been doing to help members during the energy crisis, and what to consider when looking at onsite generation.

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