Discover the opportunities of agroforestry

Hear about the potential and opportunities of making agroforestry central to land management plans in this CLA podcast.

Net zero targets and the need to mitigate climate change are driving strong interest from the Government in tree planting because of its ability to sequester carbon. We hear a lot about woodland creation targets, but agroforestry can play a role too. 

What will you hear?

Graham Clark, CLA Senior Land Use Policy Adviser, gives an introduction into agroforestry, and explains the Government policy and incentives in place for landowners, and how to know whether taking up agroforestry is right for you.

John Pawsey, a landowner and organic farmer at Shimpling Park Farms, shares with us the agroforestry system on his farm, the benefits and practical considerations, and the key things to bear in mind for anyone looking into agroforestry.