Concerns over HSE’s decision to stop farm inspections

The Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) and CLA react to the latest news from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
Tractor in snow

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently announced it will halt agri-compliance inspections, a decision which the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) has said could have major repercussions and pose significant risks to the health and safety of agricultural workers within the farming sector.

The FSP is made up of a variety of organisations, including the CLA, with a responsibility to promote and encourage safe systems of work within all sectors of agriculture. The partnership’s work is underpinned by the Farm Safety Charter, which taps into the expertise of all organisations that have agricultural interests, including training providers, membership organisations and machinery dealers.

As former chair of the Farm Safety Partnership, CLA Deputy President Gavin Lane said:

“Farming has an unenviable record of being the most dangerous industry in the UK. While we have seen some improvements in recent years, too many farmers are still being injured or killed so it is concerning that the HSE is withdrawing from farm inspections.

“The whole industry must be involved in improving our poor safety record, from manufacturers to the government to farmers themselves.”

Whilst we understand the financial constraints the HSE is under, it beggars belief that this is the right time to withdraw from their inspection regime and their proactive farm visits and training days

CLA Deputy President, Gavin Lane

The FSP has written to the government expressing its concerns and awaits any further updates.