Heritage Planning

In this CLA webinar you will discover more about the heritage protection system and planning permission process

Nearly all CLA members own heritage buildings, statutorily listed or not, and want to look after them, but the costs of doing so are very high. Many have redundant farm or other buildings which are deteriorating because they produce no income. 

The best solution often is conversion to new uses and repair, but that brings members into the under-resourced planning and heritage protection system, which often does not work well in practice. 

In this webinar we were joined by CLA Senior Heritage Advisor Jonathan Thompson, Paul Crosby of Crosby Granger Architects, and

James Whilding, Managing Director, Acorus Rural Property Services Ltd who covered: 

  • the planning background and the consents that are needed for repair and conversion;
  • the problems applicants have with getting consents; and
  • how you can overcome these problems in practice.