CLA Public Rights of Way signs available

The CLA has produced several public rights of way signs to help members guide the public while they enjoy the countryside
CLA rights of way signs in the countryside.jpg

CLA members understand that access to our beautiful countryside is important, and it is something that is valued highly by the public. Recent studies have also highlighted the health and wellbeing benefits of enjoying nature. However, the lack of responsible behaviour by some of the public creates understandable concern among our members.

The signs reflect the most common issues that CLA members have told us they face when managing public access, which include members of the public not sticking to public rights of way, issues with dog waste and problems with dogs scaring or harming livestock.

These new signs also promote QR codes that provide the public with more information regarding these issues on the CLA website.

CLA dog sign with a walker in the background

How to order

There are three signs, which are available to buy in packs of five. Price includes VAT and P&P.

  • Five dog signs: £21.66
  • Five livestock signs: £21.66
  • Five waymarker signs and five arrow stickers (bridleway or footpath): £18.24

To order please email and provide your full name and postal address, along with a contact telephone number and your CLA membership number (if applicable). We will contact you as soon as possible to take your payment.

If you have any queries, please contact the Marketing team on 020 7235 0511.

Waymarker sign (yellow sticker) - Image.jpg
Waymarker sign with footpath sticker
Waymarker sign (blue sticker) - Image.jpg
Waymarker sign with bridleway sticker
Livestock sign - Image.jpg
Livestock sign
Dog sign - Image.jpg
Dog sign