CLA partners with Survation for climate change study

Report will allow the CLA to better understand how members are working to improve the environment
climate change

The CLA has partnered with a leading research company to gain greater understanding of members’ activity in the fight against climate change.

With COP26 just a few months away, the CLA is working with Survation to poll members across England and Wales. The survey is intended to examine actions undertaken by CLA members to support climate change mitigation efforts, both reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and increases in carbon sequestration and storage.

Jonathan Roberts, External Affairs Director at the CLA said:

"It is hugely important to us that the public understands how land managers are working to improve the environment - but to achieve this we need to know the full picture of how our members are working to improve the environment. This survey will, for the first time, allow us to fully understand the excellent work that is already going on.

"The results of this survey will give us what we need to better promote the environmental credentials of our members, whilst also informing our policy development so that we can improve further still in the future.

Members who are approached by Survation are encouraged to participate.

Key contact:

Jonathan Roberts
Jonathan Roberts Director of External Affairs, London