Biodiversity net gain in the planning system: Updated regulation and policy

CLA podcast on what the new biodiversity net gain regulations mean for land managers and rural businesses wanting to submit planning applications.

The introduction of mandatory biodiversity net gain in the planning system by the Environment Act 2021 is expected in 2023, following consultation, publication, and implementation of regulations. The new policy will require, as a condition of planning permission, that any new development demonstrate a net gain of a minimum 10% of the biodiversity value on the site, measured using Defra's Biodiversity Metric.

What will you hear?

Fenella Collins, CLA Head of Planning, covers what biodiversity net gain is, why it's so important, and how it can be achieved as well as how biodiversity net gain interfaces with the planning system and national planning policy.

You will also hear about the legal mechanisms for delivering biodiversity net gain, the role of the Local Nature Recovery Strategies, and the Biodiversity Metric.