The Agricultural Transition: know your options

In this podcast we continue season three with a podcast on agricultural transition, the new schemes and what they mean for the farming and land management sector.

Since the vote to leave the European Union, we have spent several years talking about the replacement of the Common Agricultural Policy with new schemes designed in the UK. In England the agricultural transition process has now begun with farmers seeing the first cuts to their direct payments last month whilst awaiting the launch of the Sustainable Farming Incentive later in 2022.

What will you hear?

Harry Greenfield, CLA Senior Land Use Policy Adviser, gives details about the Sustainable Farming Incentive, including what is on offer this year and how it will develop over the next few years. Harry also shares with us the improvements made to Countryside Stewardship and the opportunities it provides.

Cameron Hughes, CLA Land Use Policy Adviser, talks us through the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway for livestock farmers, the range of productivity and support schemes available, and how you can prepare your farm for the transition.

Agricultural Transition (England)

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