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About us

The CLA Charitable Trust is an independent grant-making trust. It is funded almost entirely by CLA members' donations.

It was founded in 1980 by members of the CLA. Since then the trustees have continued the aims of the trust: to expand knowledge of, and access to, the countryside, particularly for disadvantaged people, through grants totalling more than £2m.

Today, the Trust provides educational bursaries within the rural sector and continues to support a wide variety of charities, community projects and not-for-profit organisations in England and Wales.

In 2022, the Trust offered 61 grants and provided funding worth more than £236k including multiannual grants to specific charities whose work is particularly aligned with the Trust’s vision.

Our grant recipients are at the core of our mission and our effectiveness in meeting our aims depends on their work.

Our objectives

  • Advancing people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing through financial support of charities, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises, which are delivering access, recreational and educational opportunities within and about the countryside.
  • To promote and encourage education in sustainable farming, food production and rural land management.

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