A guide to a paperless solution to Health and Safety – saving you time and money

This CLA webinar covers how Safety Revolution, a leading health and safety specialist for farms, estates and agribusinesses across the UK, can create a bespoke service for your business.

Given the agriculture sector has the highest accident and fatality rate in Britain, as a farmer, landowner or rural business owner it is vitally important to pay attention to health and safety practices and processes within your business.

Safety Revolution supports 550 farms and estates across the UK with practical safety management advice tailored to your specific needs which is delivered by regionally-based consultants. This enables you to build a strong safety culture, manage your team, your plant and equipment, keep accurate records and easily demonstrate your legal compliance.

Oliver Dale, a Chartered Safety Practitioner of Safety Revolution, walks through:

  • the consultancy services that Safety Revolution provides;
  • the work that they do to help rural businesses; and
  • will also demonstrate their paperless software solution and phone app.