A chance for land managers to be “recognised for what they deliver”

The CLA Social Value Survey closes on 3 November. Have your voice heard and find out why your response to this important survey matters
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As we approach a general election, it is crucial that the CLA underpins lobbying efforts by demonstrating what our members do to support local communities. With some politicians still harbouring antiquated beliefs about land ownership, the CLA is working on a project to demonstrate how much landowners are contributing to their communities.

There is not long left for you to respond to the CLA’s vital survey, closing 3 November, on the value that landowners provide. To give us the best quality data to lobby on your behalf, we still require more responses.

Social value can be hard to define, and even harder to measure. This is why we are working with the Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI) on this survey which, once closed, will be aggregated and analysed by the CCRI team. They will use the data to produce a cost saving to the state and a Social Return on Investment (SROI).

Tony Langford from Pitchcott Hill Farm said: “A widening separation between people and nature is causing many environmental, social and health issues, including biodiversity loss and declines in good nutrition and mental health.

"Farms and landscapes have huge potential to bring people closer to nature and address other problems.”

The social benefits that farms provide are greatly undervalued, so I am pleased to participate in this important survey that will raise the profile and value of all the social, cultural and health benefits that farms and CLA members provide

Tony Langford, Pitchcott Hill Farm

By asking you about the different activities you do, the cost in time and money for you, and the number of people who benefit, the researchers will be able to quantify the benefits that you provide. We want to hear about a whole range of activities, from permissive access to installing infrastructure on your land.

In addition, to make it even more worth your while, we are offering a £100 gift voucher to each hundredth respondent.

John Varley, Managing Director at Clinton Devon Estate, said: “This social value research is timely, offering real evidence to policy makers and politicians of the considerable value that landowners and land managers deliver for wider society."

CLA members should take this opportunity to complete the survey and ensure that those who manage land can be recognised for what they deliver

John Varley, Clinton Devon Estate

Please complete your response the survey online here.

A PDF or paper copy is available by request by emailing bethany.turner@cla.org.uk.