Premier Energy Utility Consultants

Premier Energy is one of the leading independent UK utility consultancies and has been operating since 1995. They provide market leading and cost-effective Utility Searches, Utility Drawing and Utility Consultancy services to CLA members

Premier Energy are the experts in the regulated UK utility networks that deliver electricity, fibre, gas, telecoms and potable water services to homes, businesses and communities across the country. They will take the complexity and confusion out of dealing with utility network companies and provide a simple one stop shop for all your needs. If you are looking to generate more income from your land or property through diversification and are considering projects that will involve a utility network company. For example, if it involves moving existing utility equipment, or installing new utility connections, then Premier Energy should be your first point of contact.

Premier Energy’s services include;

  • Utility Searches – a wide range of utility search products with timescales to meet specific needs. These are an essential part of any proposed work as well as being important for health and safety compliance.
  • Premier Asset Layout Drawing – a utility drawing designed to make interpretation of utility records simpler and easier to sue. This innovative product collates all the utility record information into a single interactive drawing making interpretation of multiple records much simpler.
  • Site investigation – a comprehensive report detailing the costs associated with utility works on your project such as diverting existing utility equipment or installing new utility connections.
  • Diversions – liaising with utility companies to develop a cost-effective approach to moving existing equipment, and ensuring you pay the minimal amount for any diversion works required.
  • New Connections – if you are looking to diversify and need new or upgraded utility connections then this service is essential. Premier Energy will develop a cost-effective approach and manage the procurement of new utility connections (electricity, fibre, gas, telecoms and potable water) saving you time and money.

All Premier Energy services are based on independent advice. They will utilise their extensive knowledge of the legislation, systems and processes that govern utility company activities to support CLA members.

If you need new utility connections but are daunted by the application process or want to understand the costs associated with moving utility equipment, then do get in touch with Premier Energy – your friendly, independent experts.

You can contact Premier Energy on 01403 740240 or by email at

Remember to refer to your CLA membership to benefit from the discounted rates available to CLA Members.

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