Ambion Heating

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Ambion Low-Carbon Heating Panels are playing a key role in helping homeowners and landlords across the UK to transition their housing stock to low carbon heating.

Ambion Low Carbon Heat Panels’ unique control system replaces the need for thermostats, reducing both energy consumption and carbon emissions whilst maintaining a warm, comfortable heat. They work efficiently across a wide range of properties and are particularly effective in older less thermally efficient homes, multi occupancy buildings and terraced houses.

They are easy to install, wired simply into the mains rather than plumbing in, requiring no central boiler, external unit or water-based delivery system. Using up to 80% less electricity than conventional electric heating, by combining constant dynamic pulsing of electricity with radiant infrared heat panels. Infrared panels are used as building materials absorb and store infrared, releasing it between pulses, making it the perfect partner for the Ambion control system.

Running costs - cut by up to 80%

Carbon emissions cut by up to 80%

Thermal comfort - Infrared warms the materials within a room rather than conventional convective heating that heats the air, providing a more natural, radiant heat that feels like standing in direct sunlight.

Healthy homes - Ambion Low-Carbon Heat Panels uses a dry heat which warms the fabric of the home rather than the air, this reduces condensation at source, helping to reduce damp and mold and the circulation of dust and allergens.

Can be installed by any qualified electrician, with no maintenance requirements or hidden costs.

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Ambion Heating
Ambion Heating