Help feed the nation

The CLA is calling on the public to help farms feed the nation and save this year’s harvest.

As a result of travel restrictions and illness, the agricultural sector could face a shortage of up to 80,000 seasonal labour workers. 

Time is critical as the picking of soft fruit is due to begin in April, vegetable growers are already beginning to crop and lambing season has reached its peak. 

The response from the public has been phenomenal with thousands of people wanting to help farms in need and shows the nation’s great community spirit. 

Work on a farm near you

If you are seeking employees to work on your farm, register on the Government’s new Pick for Britain website here -

The CLA suggests the following labour recruitment and employment agencies to register your interest - click on the links below: 

ALP also has a tool to 'swap' spare workers

Read our press release here.

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