CLA & Northern Powergrid event tackle energy challenges

The CLA North team hosted an event (webinar) on 24 January to explore Northern Powergrid’s connection processes, and policies, and its impact on landowners and farmers.

More than 80 landowners, land managers and farmers registered to take part in this free event to hear about Northern Powergrid’s strategy for network infrastructure over the next 5 years.

The high interest is driven by farmers and landowners desire to build resilience into their businesses and make their own contribution to supplying renewable energy solutions in the years to come. Key to this, is the available network’s capacity and resilience which need to be strengthened.

Northern Powergrid explained the new pricing matrix for connection to the grid which could provide opportunities to those who wish to introduce energy generation technology to the network.

It was clear that early engagement is key in order to establish the potential in specific geographic areas for grid capacity and the potential proximity of network infrastructure and assessing the viability of potential schemes before incurring significant costs.

CLA Director North, Lucinda Douglas said: “Investing in the power distribution network to create greater capacity is a starting point for opening the door for farmers and landowners to roll out renewables such as solar and wind.”

“The land use sector can play a key role on the way to achieving the longer term goals of net zero whilst also stimulating the rural economy and also supporting the resilience of our national energy needs.”

The event also included a presentation by CLA Energy Services which offers expert energy advice to CLA members running rural businesses. Specially formed to help reduce their electricity, gas, and water expenditure, this service can help businesses operate more efficiently.