Tackling Hare Coursing

Local police forces work together to support landowners in the fight against hare coursing
hare sign.JPG

South Staffordshire and West Mercia Police have joined forces along with several others to tackle the practice of Hare Coursing this season.

Both forces have signed up to the UK wide, Operation Galileo which is primarily an intelligence sharing platform, promoting cross border relationships and intel sharing. This allows the police to target key areas to prevent and detect crime where perpetrators cross force boundaries.

Back in August, the CLA welcomed significant new changes that were made to the legislation surrounding the practice of Hare Coursing, which has long been linked to abusive and aggressive behavior towards land owners.


The new measures have allowed law enforcement to strengthen using new maximum penalties, meaning that those caught taking part can face the possibility of unlimited fines and up to six months in prison. Two new criminal offences were also added to the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 which will give extra powers to the courts including being able to disqualify convicted offenders from owning or keeping dogs.

The CLA developed a Hare Coursing Action Plan back in 2018 and have worked with several rural and environmental groups to help secure changes within this sector.