Rural crime being tackled in Warwickshire

An update from the local Rural Crime Team in the county of Warwickshire
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On Friday 3rd February, CLA Midlands Communications Manager Natalie Oakes joined the Warwickshire Rural Crime meeting held at Stoneleigh.

The rural crime team here deal with a variety of incidents from fly-tipping and waste crime to vehicle and tool theft.

Hare coursing remained the dominant issue within the wildlife crime sector. These incidents are being dealt with by serving community protection warning notices to prevent further occurrences. Three suspects were arrested before Christmas with their vehicles and dogs being seized, thanks to the new laws which came into effect last August.

One hundred and twenty seven incidents of plant, machinery, trailer, caravan and equipment thefts were reported but a significant amount of these were recovered and returned to the owners. Criminal groups across force borders have been disrupted by targeting hot spots and conducting warrants.

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Sheep worrying was reported as the main livestock offence and leading into the spring this will be at the forefront. The police force is working with owners to create engagement and reassurance whilst continuing to use educational posters on gateways.

Particularly prominent in the north of the county, fly-tipping has taken a precedent with main instances of rubbish being dumped in gateways and at the side of roads, with one incident including over 200 tyres.

Other crime discussed was fuel theft which mainly took place at building sites with fuel being syphoned from plant.

The crime team can be seen out and about attending events to raise the profile of different topics.

To find out more about the Warwickshire Rural Crime Team, please click here.