Income potential for Midlands film locations

Major networks such as Netflix have committed to spend £1bn this year on UK content production.

With the pandemic and Brexit having a major impact on more traditional income streams, perhaps its time to consider something a bit more creative?

SPACE-2 Consulting has just been appointed by Create Central, the West Midlands trade body for the creative content sector ( to undertake a two-month market research and mapping project to identify locations that could be suitable for promotion for immediate and longer-term use to the fast-growing creative screen sector, specifically feature film and high-end TV production. As you may be aware from recent articles in the press, there is a significant demand for space for production – not only as set build spaces and locations but also for storage, ancillary support and workshops. Indeed Ragley Hall in Warwickshire has recently featured in the latest series of The Crown as a double for Princess Diana's family home. 

SPACE-2 Consulting would love to hear from CLA Midlands members who have properties that are currently available or likely to have significant availability in the next 3-12 months where a short-term (1-26 week) use could be accommodated. Ideal production bases where a film or TV programme could work from would usually have good ceiling height if building sets (6m+) such as large barns/stores, some onsite office accommodation and excellent parking. For location filming, however, pretty much anything could work as long as its visually interesting – from agricultural buildings to heritage sites to rolling landscapes . If you have seen something similar to your properties on TV or in a movie then it’s worth putting your location forward.  

Crucially, this sector has been fortunate to have been given special dispensation by the government to continue, is growing fast and with the major networks such as Netflix committing to spending £1bn this year on UK content production, the opportunity to bring projects to the region, along with the associated production spend is a timely inward investment opportunity. Media production has a major impact upon media perception that will benefit the wider economy and provide a major boost in encouraging growth in tourism, events and hospitality, all of which will be vital for the region’s bounceback post lockdown and hopefully supportive of other estate activities.     

If you’d like to know more than do get in touch with who’d be happy to discuss individual opportunities or feel free to send website links/photos or site plans and they can provide you with a quick assessment and take it from there.