Herefordshire Rural Advice Day

The Midlands team supports Herefordshire Rural Advice Day
Herefordshire Rural Advice Hub

It was a delight to attend and support the Herefordshire Rural Hub 2023 advice day on 14th November.

We had the opportunity to speak to several members and remind them of the free unlimited advice that they are entitled to as members, and remind them that CLA support isn’t just limited to tax, legal and other rural advice but that they have opportunities through CLA partners including energy and insurance brokers which was of interest to several Herefordshire Farmers.

The CLA encourages members to get involved and to make the most from their membership. This includes attending events, technical webinars and committee meetings where members are able to help influence policy as well as keep up to speed with the latest information.

The CLA would also like to remind members in Herefordshire that you are supported by Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy and the Samaritans if you ever need to talk.