Farming in Protected Landscapes: Cannock Chase AONB

The Farming in Protected Landscapes programme is a Defra scheme for farmers, landowners and land managers to be supported to carry out environmental improvements and short-term projects with positive outcomes.

The geographical boundary is Cannock Chase AONB, but applications near to the boundary that would have a positive impact will be considered. These could include activities such as hedge and tree planting, fencing, regenerative farming, improvements to rights of way, restoration of historic structures, watercourse management - there are examples of what has been funded so far on the website which may be viewed by following the link here:

Projects that link to at least one of the four outcomes below may be eligible, so this offers a wide range of opportunities:

Nature outcomes

  • There is a greater area of wildlife rich habitat
  • There is greater connectivity between habitats
  • Existing habitat is better managed for biodiversity
  • There is an increase in biodiversity

Climate outcomes

  • More carbon is stored and/or sequestered
  • Flood risk is reduced
  • Farmers, land managers and the public better understand what different habitats and land uses can store carbon and reduce carbon emissions
  • The landscape is more resilient to climate change

People outcomes

  • There are more opportunities for people to explore, enjoy and understand the landscape
  • There are more opportunities for more diverse audiences to explore, enjoy and understand the landscape
  • There is greater public engagement in land management, such as through volunteering
  • Farmers and land managers feel increasingly comfortable with providing public goods

Place outcomes

  • The quality and character of the landscape is reinforced or enhanced
  • Historic structures and features are conserved, enhanced or interpreted more effectively
  • There is an increase in the resilience of nature-friendly, sustainable farm businesses, which in turn contributes to a more thriving local economy

The programme runs until 31st March 2024 but there are limited funds, so applications should be made as soon as possible. There is no need to complete any form to enquire about a project idea. Initial enquiries should be made to Colin Manning – Farming in Protected Landscapes Officer, or call 07815 652078.

Key contact:

Helen Dale - Resized.jpg
Helen Dale Rural Adviser, CLA Midlands