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HS2 Ltd was set up by the Government to develop, build and operate HS2, a national high-speed railway linking London to the West Midlands (Phase 1 – forecast to be completed from 2030), West Midlands to Crewe (Phase 2a) which will connect with the existing rail network and in this area that the HS2 route splits into a Western and Eastern Leg (Phase 2b). With the Western Leg taking HS2 up to Manchester, with connectivity to the existing rail network. At the time of writing (Autumn 2021) the Eastern Leg heading up to Leeds and towards York, is under review. It has been suggested that the Eastern Leg will be replaced by a new line which will directly link Leeds and Manchester.

A Map of the HS2 route can be found here

Getting Ready for HS2

As HS2 snakes its way up the country it is vital that you are as prepared as you can be.

For all those who want more information please watch the below webinar which provides you with an unique opportunity to hear from industry experts Brabners Legal, Rostons Chartered Surveyors and the CLA.

The webinar covers how HS2 could affect your current structure and proposes how you can plan ahead to avoid compensation pitfalls.

You can view this here

Dealing with HS2

The CLA strongly recommends that you instruct your own professional advisor as early as possible as Compulsory Purchase Legislation, including HS2’s very own Acts of Parliament, has created a minefield that requires specialist advice. Your advice fees which are associated with the compulsory acquisition will be covered by HS2. If you require any names of professional advisors please feel free to contact the CLA or search our business directory here

HS2 are extremely difficult to work with so please make sure that you have all your ducks in a row. As you need to be ready for HS2. When HS2 does come out it is essential that you make thorough notes, take photos and measurements of anything relevant. As the burden of proof will be on you to justify even the most basic level of compensation.

CLA Working on your Behalf

The CLA has been, for many years, working with HS2 in order to improve their practices. Encouraging better communication and associated action, fair and timely compensation, and increased duty of care to those affected.

The CLA has for many years lobbied for reforms to Compulsory Purchase Legislation in order to make this difficult process less complicated, smoother and fairer.

For more information please see the the CLA’s Fair Play document, which was published in 2012 but remains relevant today. Read it here

And the Compulsory Purchase Code here

Key contact:

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John Greenshields Rural Surveyor, CLA Midlands