BT agrees to pause analogue telephone line switchoff

BT to pause Digital Voice plans to work on a more resilient rollout

Commenting on the news that BT are to pause its plans to switch off analogue telephone lines - a move that would badly affect members in rural areas - CLA President Mark Tufnell said:

“We are pleased that BT has listened to our calls to scrap plans to remove traditional landlines from homes and businesses. With many areas still struggling to receive basic mobile and internet connectivity, landlines continue to be a lifeline for many people in isolated communities.

“The answer to this is simple. If BT wants to scrap landlines in the long term, it needs to ensure every single part of the country is fully connected Sadly, this aspiration feels a long way away for many rural communities We call on BT to redouble their efforts to ensure full coverage for the nation, so that the social and economic benefits of modern technology can be felt in every village and every household.”

Read BT's announcement here