Blog: Can't see the wood for the trees

Midlands Rural Advisor Helen Dale looks at wildlife and biodiversity options

We know that a lot of our members are keen to support wildlife and biodiversity on their land. There are numerous ways in which we can add wildlife value from increasing botanical diversity to benefit pollinators to sensitive hedgerow management to looking at how we use our boggy bits.

One of the most popular ways to enhance wildlife is through increasing tree cover and tree planting. With grants available from the Forestry Commission for woodland creation this can be an attractive option for landowners.

But it's important that any tree planting is considered in light of any wildlife habitats and species which may already be present. This is why the Forestry Commission and Natural England have recently updated their guidance in relation to tree planting and waders. You can find more information on DEFRA's website.

Sun shining through trees

The watchword (or phrase) is definitely the right tree in the right place!

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Helen Dale Rural Adviser, CLA Midlands