Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Lady Cranbrook shares her experiences of meeting Her Majesty The Queen
Caroline Cranbrook 2.jpg
Lady Caroline Cranbrook

Tributes continue to pour in for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the October edition of the CLA magazine Land & Business will include reflections from a wide range of CLA members.

In 2010 Lady Caroline Cranbrook, who is Honorary Vice-President of the CLA Suffolk Branch, had the privilege of being invited by Her Majesty to The Queen’s Reception for Rural Communities at Windsor Castle. Not only was it a great honour for Lady Cranbrook, but also for the Suffolk organisations she represented.

“It was an inspired event and a wonderful party,” says Lady Cranbrook, ”The event very much reflected Her Majesty’s wide understanding of the countryside and concern for the people who work and live there.” Lady Cranbrook added.

Guests had come from all over Britain and represented an astonishing range of organisations, occupations and interests, ranging from conservation associations to landowners, farm workers, supermarkets, lighthouse keepers – and much more. The Queen and members of her family circulated widely and there were many lively discussions.

“Her Majesty’s interest in farming and the countryside and her deep knowledge of livestock and horses are well-known,” commented Lady Cranbrook. “This interest really did make a difference, particularly at a time of great uncertainty and when rural communities can often feel isolated and unappreciated.

“I am certain that everyone left Windsor Castle feeling as I did – all the better for having been there, cheered and encouraged by the experience of such an interesting, rewarding and enjoyable occasion. And, above all, knowing that our Queen was indeed the champion of our countryside.” Lady Cranbrook concluded.