Suffolk Rural and Wildlife Policing Strategy

The CLA went to meet officers in Suffolk to learn more about it

Suffolk Police has released its Rural and Wildlife Policing Strategy covering the period 2023 -2025.

The constabulary has structured this strategy around how it will prepare; prevent; protect and pursue, to tackle rural and wildlife crime and bring to justice those who commit it.

In her introduction to the strategy, Suffolk Chief Constable Rachel Kearton says:

“We have seen a growth in cyber enabled rural and wildlife offences, particularly through serious and organised crime groups. This type of crime, whilst often unseen, can cause a significant increase in the fear of crime particularly for farmers and businesses. Using innovation to drive improvements in how we investigate offences and work with our victims will be key to reducing this fear.

“A primary focus for us will be building the trust and confidence in our rural communities through visibility, engagement, and feeding back on the positive results achieved in rural settings. It is essential that those more vulnerable, who may feel they do not have a voice, know how to reach us and for us to reach them.”

Read the strategy in full here.