Share your experiences of fly-tipping with us

Latest figures on fly-tipping in England are expected soon
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In the next few weeks, we are expecting Defra to release the latest figures on fly-tipping incidents in England.

These figures will only cover incidents on public land and the CLA is keen to highlight the true cost and distress that is caused to landowners when waste is dumped on private land.

On average, each incident of fly-tipping costs landowners almost £1,000 to clean up, and in the most extreme cases can cost up to £100,000. Two thirds of all farmers and landowners have at some stage been a victim.

To help us provide examples of fly-tipping on private land to the media we are asking that members who have experienced the crime, and would be happy to speak to the media about the incidents, to contact CLA East Communications Manager Lee Murphy by email

Photographs of recent incidents would also be beneficial so that the CLA can demonstrate the scale of the problem.